This post may contain affiliate links. Please read the disclosure policy for details. As an Amazon Associate, NeuroNootropic earns from qualifying purchases. is Shutting Down – Get up to 35% Off was or still is one of the best nootropics vendors on the market today. Some of their excellent traits include:

  • Largest selection of nootropics in the market today – They carry many rare and exotic nootropics that are typically hard to find
  • Prices are among the lowest and in some cases lower than the market rate
  • Excellent customer support that’s outstanding from all accounts

Unfortunately, they have decided to shut down permanently citing increased regulatory actions. Sadly, this is not uncommon in the nootropic industry, but it seems to be getting worse with each passing year. You can read more about it here:


One of the best things about is their generous discount model. You can save via 3 ways:

  • Bulk buying – The more you buy the more you save. In some cases, you can save up to 30%.
  • Bundles – These come with at least 10% off the individual price of each item. Some have 25% off or more.
  • Cryptocurrency payment – If you pay via cryptocurrency you can get up to 35% off your entire order
  • Exclusive coupon – You might be able to combine the discounts with this 10% off coupon: neuro10

Considering they’re closing permanently, you should take advantage of whatever discount you can. This is especially true if you want to stock up on certain products.

Recommended buys’s selection is huge which fortunately means they carry some rather uncommon substances. A lot of these are typically hard to find, let alone with certificates of analysis.

  • Complete Afinil Bundle – Includes Hydrafinil, Fladrafinil, Flmodafinil, Adrafinil
  • Semax & Selank Spray Bundle – High quality sprays of the heptapeptides that boost BDNF in animal studies[1][2]. This bundle includes their variants N-Acetyl-Semax, N-Acetyl-Selank, N-Acetyl-Semax-Amidate, and N-Acetyl-Selank-Amidate
  • Ibutamoren (MK-677) – A compound that has been shown to increase growth hormone and IGF-1 levels in healthy young men[3]. Comes in dropper form
  • 9-Methyl-β-carboline (9-Me-BC) – A promising nootropic that has been shown to regenerate dopaminergic neurons in lab studies[4]
  • Bromantane(ladasten) – A stimulant of the adamantane family, related to memantine and amantadine. It has been shown to increase the expression of dopamine producing enzymes[5]
  • Complete SARMs Bundle – A liquid set of 8 different SARMs that have promising research behind them
  • Complete Cyclazadone Bundle – An old stimulant drug from the 1960s that was never marketed. Includes Cyclazodone and N-Methyl-Cyclazodone
  • Novel Nootropics Bundle – Mainly research nootropics that have special properties not seen in other compounds


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  1. Hello when is the last day of operation!? And if u can’t tell me that could u at least let me knkw maybe an around about!? Jus want to purchase some things before you’re gone

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