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Where To Buy Adrafinil Online Safely – 5 Excellent Suppliers (2024)

Last updated on March 15th, 2024 at 11:06 pm

Adrafinil is a popular nootropic that is often used as an alternative to caffeine. Despite its popularity, it’s a bit hard to find online. And it’s even harder to find reputable stores to buy adrafinil from.

In truth, there are several online stores which sell adrafinil from but they’re not all are reliable.

For instance, some may sell caffeine pills and claim that it’s adrafinil. Worse yet, others may adulterate the pill or powder with illegal or even dangerous substances. And in some cases, they may not even bother with quality control. As a result, you may get an impure and contaminated batch.

So how do you know which vendor is reliable enough for you to buy adrafinil from? Well, that’s why this page was made. We only list the most trustworthy adrafinil vendors.

With this in mind, we came up with 3 important factors that evaluates how good a supplier is. Ideally, the best adrafinil suppliers should:

  • Perform excellent quality, purity and safety testing
  • Provide adrafinil at a low cost
  • Have a solid reputation within the nootropics community

Our Rating Criteria

1) Quality

This assesses how well the supplier tests their adrafinil. Specifically with regards to safety and purity testing. In addition, it also takes into account how they do the testing. For instance, if they test it in-house or with a 3rd party.

Ideally, the best suppliers should test it both in-house as well as with a 3rd party. This ensures that no bias occurs. Namely, these quality tests are presented in what’s known as a certificate of analysis (CoA).

Most vendors display the CoA on the product page. But others only give it out when you contact them.

Lastly, the CoA should be updated on a regular basis.

2) Value

Adrafinil is a somewhat cheap nootropic. In fact, the average price market for a 300 mg capsule is around $0.96. In other words, around a dollar a day per capsule. This is much cheaper than the average cup of coffee, at least from coffee shops.

Additionally, the vendor should have good or even free shipping options.

3) Reputation

This is probably the most important factor behind quality. It doesn’t matter if the store has a flashy site, displays adequate testing, and even if they offer free shipping. As long as their reputation is poor, none of those factors matter. In fact, it’s easy to cheat the CoA by simply testing a product they know is safe and pure.

With that in mind, we made sure to research the store before recommending them. And if their reputation has been proven to be bad then we display that under their description.

Best Adrafinil Brands
BrandOverall RatingBest ForPriceSee
Pure Nootropics
Price – Cheapest adrafinil brand$Check Price
Nootropics Depot
Reputation – Great reputation built over several years$Check Price
Double Wood Supplements
Free US Shipping and monthly adrafinil subscriptions$Check Price
Absorb Health
Coupon code discount 5% off entire order – 53ig92$$Check Price
Packaging – Best on the market$$$Check Price

1) Pure Nootropics

Pure Nootropics Logo with their adrafinil capsules bottle and powder jar

Pure Nootropics is one of the best nootropic vendors on the market today. And they’re also by far the best adrafinil supplier. In addition to their excellent reputation, they have:

  • The cheapest adrafinil price on the market
  • Excellent safety and purity testing
  • Free US shipping

Additionally, they publicly display their certificate of analysis in the product page itself. In other words, you don’t have to email them to see it. In contrast, most vendors will only give you the certificate if you email them. So this really makes Pure Nootropics a lot more trustworthy.

Now, their adrafinil comes in both powder and capsules. Each capsule comes in 300 mg and the powder is available in both 15 and 30 grams tubs. Also, unlike other adrafinil suppliers, Pure Nootropics provides a scoop with their powder. In fact, it comes with a 0.15 cc scoop.

However, you should always use a digital scale to ensure accurate measurements.

To put it briefly, Pure Nootropics is definitely the best adrafinil brand today. And with a 30 day money back guarantee, you really can’t go wrong with them.

Vendor Overview
Ships toWorldwide, with some exceptions
OffersAdrafinil Capsules
Adrafinil Powder
Unique featuresBulk discounts
Coupon codeNone
Visit Pure Nootropics

2) Nootropics Depot

Nootropics Depot Logo with their adrafinil capsules bottle and powder jar

Nootropics Depot is by far one of the best suppliers of adrafinil today. In particular, they have:

  • One of the lowest adrafinil price
  • Excellent safety and purity testing
  • Amazing customer support

In addition, Nootropics Depot is well known among the nootropics community not only for their overall excellence but also for their reputation. In fact, they have built a solid reputation within the past 5 years.

Now, their adrafinil comes in 2 forms: powdered and capsuled. Each capsule contains 300 mg of adrafinil whereas the powder in comes in tubs of 5, 15 and 30 grams. However, keep in mind that the powdered version does not come with a scoop. So you’ll have to buy a digital scale for accurate measurements.

That said, they test their adrafinil in house with the proper tools. But you have to contact them at their support email in order to view the certificate of analysis.

Moreover, shipping is free for US customers if your order is $50 or more. And for international customers shipping is free with orders above $200.

All in all, Nootropics Depot is among the best adrafinil brands today.

Vendor Overview
Ships toWorldwide, with some exceptions
OffersAdrafinil powder
Adrafinil capsules
Unique featuresCarries many nootropics ranging from natural to research
Coupon codeNone
Visit Nootropics Depot

3) Double Wood Supplements

Double Wood Supplements Logo with their adrafinil capsules bottle

Double Wood Supplements is an American-based nootropics vendor specializing in capsuled nootropics. In addition to their great prices, they:

  • Offer monthly subscriptions
  • Free US shipping on any order
  • Excellent safety testing that’s publicly displayed

Now, while the purchase price of their adrafinil is a bit more expensive than the competition, their monthly subscription cannot be beat. In fact, if you’re looking for a continuous supply of adrafinil then Double Wood Supplements is by far the cheapest in this regard. This is because not only do you save 15% with a subscription but shipping is free.

Regardless, if you don’t want a subscription they also offer discounts on bulk purchases, up to 16% off. Again, this makes them one of the cheapest adrafinil brands.

Moreover, with regards to safety they are probably the best in this area. This is because they display both an in house and 3rd party certificate of analysis right on the product page. Really, this is a huge plus for them not only in terms of safety but also trustworthiness.

Now, while they do offer free US shipping they unfortunately:

  • Only ship to the US and no other country

So if you’re from the US then Double Wood Supplements is a great choice to buy adrafinil from. And this is especially true if you’re looking for monthly subscriptions.

Vendor Overview
Ships toUnited States only
OffersAdrafinil Capsules
Unique featuresBulk discounts
Coupon codeNone
Visit Double Wood Supplements

4) Absorb Health

Absorb Health logo

Absorb Health is one of the oldest nootropics vendor on the market today. In fact, they’ve been operating since 2011 making them almost a decade old now. Furthermore, they have:

  • Money-back guarantee
  • Independent 3rd party testing for purity and safety
  • Free US shipping on orders above $75

As with other suppliers, Absorb Health’s adrafinil comes in the standard 300 mg capsule. However, they only seem to carry capsules and not powder.

Regardless, the price is a bit more expensive than the competition. On the other hand, they are one of the few vendors to offer a discount code. In fact, you’ll find the coupon code in the table below.

Still, even with the 5% discount their adrafinil is not the cheapest. But if you’re planning on buying other nootropics or even supplements then you may be able to take advantage of both the free shipping and the discount code. Really, their selection is quite big and it’s categorized appropriately.

Lastly, a unique thing about Absorb Health is that they:

  • Accept PayPal

In contrast, most vendors only accept credit card and/or cryptocurrency like bitcoin.

In essence, if you’re planning on buying other supplements and/or nootropics with adrafinil then Absorb Health is a great place to buy from.

Vendor Overview
Ships toWorldwide
OffersAdrafinil capsules
Unique featuresAccepts PayPal
Sells general health supplements
Coupon code53ig92 – 5% Off
Visit Absorb Health

5) Logo with their adrafinil capsules bottle is an online nootropics vendor that specializes in a small number of nootropics. Included with this is adrafinil. Some of the pros going for them include:

  • The best packaging by far
  • 3rd party safety testing
  • Bulk discounts up to 10%

Their packaging is of superior quality to those of their competitors. For this reason, their prices are a bit higher. However, in this case:

  • Their adrafinil is considerably more expensive than the competition

But, keep in mind that packaging and price can affect the way you respond to a nootropic. Though this depends entirely on your perception and thoughts. In other words, if you think that it’s of higher quality then chances you will respond better to this adrafinil than the other vendors.

Regardless,’s adrafinil is as pure and safe as the competition. Likewise, they display a certificate of analysis directly in the product page. Plus it’s done with a 3rd party so they’re definitely trusthworthy in this regard.

Moreover, shipping is free for US customers with orders above $70. But like Nootropics Depot, international customers only get free shipping with orders above $200.

Vendor Overview
Ships toInternationally, with some exceptions
OffersAdrafinil Capsules
Unique featuresNone
Coupon codeNone

Adrafinil Prices – Vendors compared

Given how different stores have different baseline prices, bulk discounts, and other discounts you may be wondering which store has the cheapest adrafinil. This table and graph should put things into perspective. The prices shown are the cheapest based on the bulk discount, i.e. the greatest amount of tablets. They are based on the same dosage and same brand, unless otherwise specified. All prices are shown in USD.

VendorAdrafinil Capsules (300 mg)Adrafinil Powder
Pure Nootropics$0.66 per capsule$1.86 per gram
Nootropics Depot$0.71 per capsule$1.86 per gram
Double Wood Supplements$0.85 per capsuleN/A
Absorb Health$0.79 per capsuleN/A$1.15 per capsuleN/A

FAQ About Adrafinil

Is it legal to buy Adrafinil?

This depends entirely on your country, but in most cases adrafinil is unscheduled and thus legal to purchase. The legal status of adrafinil by country is as follows:

  • US – Unscheduled
  • Canada – Unregulated
  • United Kingdom – Unscheduled
  • Australia – Schedule 4 – POM (Prescription Only Medicine)
  • Japan – Unscheduled according to some people[1]

Where is the best place to buy Adrafinil?

In general, the best place to buy adrafinil from would be Pure Nootropics. This is because not only do they have the cheapest adrafinil on the market, but they also provide free shipping for US customers. Plus, they perform thorough and excellent safety and purity testing of their adrafinil. In short, they have an outstanding reputation for being one of the best places to buy adrafinil and nootropics in general from.

Can you buy Adrafinil in stores?

Unfortunately, it’s highly unlikely for any store that carries supplements and anything health related to carry adrafinil. This is because adrafinil is considered a synthetic drug and thus not a supplement.

Can you buy Adrafinil on Amazon?

Amazon banned the sale of adrafinil not too long ago because due to unknown reasons. It’s highly likely the reason being is adrafinil being considered a synthetic drug.

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  1. I see you updated this October 16th, 2023. It’s now December 2023 as I write this and adrafinil isn’t available to order on any of those sites you listed. Did laws change recently or something? Only absorb health even lists it but it won’t let me check out with it to order

    1. Hi Jimmy, yeah that was just a minor update. I’m not sure why adrafinil isn’t stocked anymore, but it looks like it’s the same issue as with other nootropics, such as the racetams; some kind of supply issue.

      You can buy it from, you can use my coupon code neuro10 to get 10% off.

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