This post may contain affiliate links. Please read the disclosure policy for details. As an Amazon Associate, NeuroNootropic earns from qualifying purchases. Review – Pros, Cons, Prices, and More is an online nootropic store devoted to providing high quality, convenient nootropics. All of their products come in an elegantly-designed bottle with a small accompanying-box. This store is perfect for those just starting out with nootropics. Everything hard is done for you. However, this comes with a price and in fact this store is one of the more expensive ones. Though, they do offer bulk discounts which offsets some of the expenses. Their shipping is great and they ship internationally with the prime target being the US. In fact, if you spend $50 or more and you live in the US you can get free shipping. But, if you’re an international customer you can only get free shipping if you spend $200 or more. logo with a white brain outline
Vendor Overview
Ships toWorldwide, with a few exceptions
Payment types acceptedMasterCard
Bitcoin and others (In the future)
Offers bulk discounts?Yes – up to 10% off
Coupon codeNone
Overall Rating
Convenience – All of their nootropics come in pills. In contrast to powders, you don’t need to measure out each dose. There is no need for a scale, scoops, nor a capsule kit. You just open the bottle and take how many pills you want. More expensive than other stores – If you’re looking for the cheapest nootropic store then this is not it. Most of their products are a lot more expensive than their competitors.
Great bottle design – Their bottles come with large openings which make it very easy to pick up a pill. You don’t need to shake the bottle to get a pill out as with traditional designs. Just open the lid, pick up a pill, and close it. Even if the bottle is almost empty it’s still easy to get a pill. Limited selection – There are less than a dozen different nootropics to choose from. However, they are some of the popular ones like aniracetam or adrafinil. Regardless, the selection is rather limited.
Pure – A third-party certificate of analysis is displayed on each of their product pages. All of their nootropics have a purity level greater than 99%. No dangerous chemicals nor heavy metals were found. Poor return policy – Most stores will let you return an opened product for store credit or exchange; but, not this one. Despite their generous 90 day period, you can only return their products for a refund if it was unopened. If you opened it, you cannot get either store credit nor exchange it.
Filler free – You won’t find many ingredients listed in their products. It’s usually just the nootropic powder, a capsule, and maltodextrin. Maltodextrin is a natural polysaccharide that helps evenly distribute the powder inside the capsule.
Great shipping – offers free shipping for US orders over $50 and for international orders over $200. In the US, shipping time is around 2-3 business days. For international orders it’s around 7-14 days.
Bulk discounts – If you’re looking to stock up on nootropics, you can save some money by buying in bulk. You can get 5% off the nootropic’s price by buying 2 instead of 1. But if you want even more, you can get up to 10% off when you buy 3 or more of the same product.
Vegan/Vegetarian friendly – All of their nootropics come in vegan/vegetarian capsules as marked by this symbol: Vegetarian icon. This is also good for Muslims and Jews as these capsules are halal and kosher.
Secure payments – All of their pages have a green padlock meaning they are secured and encrypted. This means your credit card information or other payment information cannot be stolen. In other words, your connection to the site is private. Only you and the server can view the information.


Compared to their competitors,’s prices are more expensive. In some cases they’re double the price. For example, their aniracetam comes in 60 capsules of 750 mg and costs $40 whereas Nootropics Depot’s costs only $20. Both products contain the same number of capsules and same dosage. In other words, that’s $0.89/g for vs $0.44/g for Nootropics Depot. Granted, they are a new company so they may lower their prices in the future.

Discounts doesn’t seem to offer any coupon codes at the moment. Nor does it seem to have any sales. However, they are a new company so we shouldn’t expect any sales soon. That said, they do offer bulk discounts. Take for example their noopept which is listed at $29 per 60 capsules containing 30 mg each. Doing the math, that comes up to $0.48 per capsule. If you buy 2 bottles you can get a 5% discount. At $55 per 2 bottles, that comes to $0.46 per capsule. But if you buy 3 or more you can get a 10% discount which at $78 per 3 bottles comes to $0.43 per capsule.

Site navigation

Immediately upon loading their homepage, you know exactly where to click to buy nootropics. There is no maze or guesswork here, everything is laid out in an easy to use fashion. What’s more is you can easily filter out nootropics by effect, something that’s not seen in other stores. A good way to know if a site is properly organized is to have an elderly person blindly use it. Not literally of course, but they should be new to the site. Also, they should not be given instructions on how to navigate it. I asked a couple of seniors I know to test the site. Both of them had no trouble navigating the site to find what they were looking for. In fact, both complemented “Filter by effect” option in the products page saying it simplified the process of choosing a nootropic. They also found the front page to be very useful in finding what they were looking for.

The front page of a store is probably the most important for new customers as it should convey all information the customer needs to know. As in, what categories the store has, the products, shipping and payment information, FAQ, etc. Just by looking at the front page the customer should get a thorough understanding of what that store has to offer. Personally, I found that to be true. Within 30 seconds I knew exactly what type of products has to offer.

Customer service

Customer service can break or make your store. If you’ve ever had bad customer service you know how discouraging it is and what a bad image it sets for the store. In fact, most people would never return to that store let alone recommend it to others. Even if the store is run by a big corporation, a strong negative experience can significantly reduce sales if it goes viral. That said, thanks to the Internet, you can always find good or bad reviews about a store. This is probably the reason you are: you searched for this store’s review. Fortunately, I have nothing bad to say about’s customer service. Quite the opposite, they have some of the best customer service.

After being on their site for a short-while, a message box will appear near the bottom left corner with a live person asking if you need any help. This is almost the same as being in a store and having a worker come up to ask if you need any help or online chat message box


At the moment you can pay by either using Visa or MasterCard, but in the future you will also be able to pay via bitcoin. When making payments online, it is extremely important that your connection to the site is encrypted. This prevents anyone eavesdropping from stealing your credit card information. Secure sites will have an https in front of their URL and a green padlock. With, not only is the payment page secured, but the entire site as well so you can rest assured knowing your payment information is secure.


So what’s the verdict? Well, if you are new to nootropics and want a convenient way to shop for nootropics then you can’t go wrong with this store. However, be prepared to pay more than you would at other stores.

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